What does resource use mean?

Hi all! When I activate “view resource use,” I see three things: the layers symbol, a bar followed by “0.04 G,” and a bar with a line in the middle. I get that the top item shows the number of layers, but what are the other two? I assume it’s telling me how much memory I’m using plus something else but I’m not sure which is which. Thank you!

Hover over any item on this panel to get information.

Howdy Kestrel!

Correct, the top item shows the total number of layers in your file, and the second item is how much memory your file is using. The third item is like a little live feed of how much memory any current actions you’re taking in your file are using (and then how much memory is freed up after the action is complete). Here’s some GIFs/screenshots to help illustrate:

In the GIF below you can see I start with 356 layers, and when I draw a new rectangle on the canvas the number increases to 357. This is a really light object, so there’s no changes in the memory usage bar because it’s measuring things in gigabytes. You can also see when I draw the rectangle 14 Kilobytes are used, and after I’ve completed that action 3 K are freed up.
resource use

And as @tank666 explained, this panel does have labels, it’s just that revealing them isn’t very intuitive :sweat_smile: I find I need to click on the panel and then hover over the items to reveal their labels. This is the same info as my screenshot above, just a GIF of how to reveal it in Figma:

resource use2


Thank you SO MUCH @AlicePackard ! I really appreciate your thoughtful and detailed response. Just followed you on Figma and IG :slight_smile:

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You’re quite welcome! :smile: Appreciate the follows :pray:

Hello Guys, don’t know if’ I’m stupid or what but I have the option activated but I cannot find what you’re talking about, I dont even see any of the little icons, do you know where I can find this?