"Resource use" is now "Memory usage" (when did that happen?)

Hi all,

On Thursday, May 11, 2023, I went to toggle on the visibility of the “resource use” panel that used to look like this:

But nothing showed up in the quick-search bar. So I tried the keyword “Memory” and got what appears to be the same feature, but with way more bells and whistles! Here’s a screenshot of the new interface:

This is hugely helpful for folks who are experiencing file lag. Back in January 2023 I wrote a blog post with step-by-step instructions on how to safely reduce a file on the brink of collapse from memory bloat. The toggle switch called “Show memory usage in layers panel” is by far the most valuable part of this update (in my opinion). Honestly, it should be on by default!

The first 6 steps in my blog post explain how to manually collect similar information that the toggle switch provides (which can be risky in particularly heavy files; it could crash on you in the process). But this toggle switch does all the hard work for you! Huge time saver. I’ve gone ahead and updated my blog post to account for this feature release.

My question for the community: when did this get released?? I see @tank666 replied in the Detailed “Resource Use” panel thread in late March alerting folks to this change, which means I’m about ~7 weeks late :sweat_smile:. Also, why can’t I find this listed in Figma’s official release notes?

This isn’t the first time a small but mighty update has come out with zero announcements from Figma. I get that not every update is “marketable” for channels like Twitter or YouTube, but shouldn’t releases.figma.com be comprehensive? That’s my expectation at least. Especially now that it includes filtering! That’s new since the last time I was on the releases. subdomain.

Anyway, I’m over the moon about this enhancement, but bummed I had to discover such a great improvement almost 2 months late.

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I guess I have to wait until I get this update for my Figma account? It would help if Figma posted a release note, and tells whenever all or only some users get this update on day one. Or if a specific action is needed (or not needed) to get the update.

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This update is now available to everyone. You can find out more on the release notes page: Figma product news & release notes


Great, now I’ve also got this update!

But now I wonder how I see the uploading/downloading data (Memory allocation/frees)?

This is a great feature to know if Figma is working in the background with the file, example updating many components at the same time from a library.

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