WebP support

Would be awesome to support a Webp file when exporting images like Sketch. (without using any plug-ins)



TinyImage plugin by @Figmatic can export WebP: https://figma.fun/cgdBoT along with a lot of other useful features — no need to leave Figma and use external converter tools.

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Yes, the TinyImage plugin supports WebP but it’s not free. And wonder if Figma has a plan to support it as a default like Sketch.


… and presets. Its basic functionality missing here.

WebP is an image file format from Google, and the preferred image format for Android. Figma doesn’t have this option, so what I usually do is export and SVG into Sketch and use that export option in Sketch. Supporting this export option will improve efficiency.

Does anyone else experience this? Is anyone using a plugin or workaround to help solve this?


I would love this option! There is a plugin from Figmatic “TinyImage for Figma” that I used successfully, but it requires a license after some free exports. I’ll try your workaround and see if I can do it with a plugin on Photoshop or Illustrator.

It would be really useful to have this option integrated into Figma.

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This would seriously transform a lot of web designers’ workflow… please add this Figma :pray:

The plug-in Tiny Image is good and all, but paying monthly for an export format feels a little tough on the budget.


This missing feature is preventing us from migrating from Sketch to Figma.

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The time has come, Figma. This is becoming essential.

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This is also very important to us.

We are currently exporting the images in PNG and using this tool to compress them.

The aforementioned tool allows for only one picture at a time, but the results are stellar and very small.

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Our team uses a 3rd party converting tool after exporting images in PNG in Figma: AnyWebP - Bulk convert all images to WebP (thanks to them).
It’s an extra step, but this seems to be the easiest way right now.

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yup same deal. Why doesn’t Figma support this?

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I really do think Figma needs to address this as soon as possible. TinyImage creating a subscription paywall after X uses and forcing a year subscription down your throat is a bit dubious to me. Consider the scenario. You are in a time crunch and have to export to the WebP format. You might have worked really hard getting your production files within Figma just right so its rather automated, then you are forced to either go back to Sketch to export or buy a 3rd Party plugin. Not cool.


I would like to have this feature natively as well.

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One more person would find this particularly useful! Is it time to go back to sketch?

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Same for me. I have to export the bitmap resources in PNG and then convert them to WEBP in Adobe Photoshop. It would be great to export them straight from Figma.

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I feel ike like this is low hanging fruit for figma to get on top yknow.

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please add webp to figma guys :frowning:

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I would like to have the WebP format option as well. Currently trying TinyImage but don’t want to pay for something that should be native to Figma - like it is in Sketch.

The only alternative is TinyImage, but the free version is not intuitive. When I finished importing one batch, I was unable to import the following one, and it continued to show older batches. It’s nearly impossible to choose new images to import, and I believe this is because I am using a free version or has bugs…