Web gl problem in desktp app & web

Hello Figma world.

I’m sicking with the problem of WebGL issue in my figma APP.

Whenever I try to open my file, the only screen that I can see is gray screen and error notice pop-up.(please chek below image)

It happened a few weeks ago And It didn’t happen when I first set up the figma app.

Please give your hands my firend to solve this problem!! :raised_hand: :raised_hand:

P.S. I’m using latest graphic driver version of Intel UHD 730 & closed hardware acceleration in chrome.

Same problem for me, started this morning after installing an update.

Did anyone found solution for this? I am not able to use Figma App past couple of months because of this. In browser too, libraries are not getting updated, fonts are showing missing, eventhough fonts are already installed on the machine. This is getting frustrating.

me too
have you solved this error?
I am not able to work on my desktop app due to this

Please contact if you have the solution. This error is very frustrating

Happens to me as well :frowning:
On mac and chrome… frustrating!