We need max and min character on text property

hi Figma, i need your magic.

I require both a maximum and minimum character limit for the text property. This will allow me to establish clear guidelines for UX writers, ensuring that their content fits within the designated character limits and maintains a tidy design and layout.


Hi rahend, thanks for sharing your feedback.
I’m adding some additional tags to your suggestion to surface it a bit better for others who are looking for something similar!


I need this function as well. Right now editors have to count them and delete the excess, increasing time to production from prototypes.


This seems like an easy win for Figma as it’s trying to better comply with development. I need this feature as well!

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Need this too. Currently I use max-width/height on the components of my DS but if does not create the same results while resizing text-containers.

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I need this too. Currently we are mentioning the maximum amount of characters in the mockup or renaming the layers. While this works for our copywriters, it would make sense if there’s an actual, dedicated setting for this. It would help us both in wireframing new pages and briefing our copywriters.

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This would be very helpful for me too.
Also, I’m curious about having the same width and height yet the character count vary. Is it because of the font style?
For example, if I type ‘check-in essentials’ to max it out on a text property with 456 width, I can only fit up to 20 characters on text property. However, if I type ‘almost there’, I can go up to 23. Anyone knows why that is the case?

Need this feature as well! It will definitely streamline collaboration between the copywriters, designers, and developers!