VSCode extension not working

I know that Dev Mode is still in beta testing, but when I try to get it to work in vscode using the extension it takes me to the vscode app and then shows me a pop up in the app saying that I should accept the terms of service in Figma TOS website. But when I click on it it leads me to my project instead of TOS page.

So basically im stuck in a loop where I cant use devmode to vscode plugin.


click the Figma extension icon on vs code left panel after installing the extension, then it will ask you to login to Figma and that’s pretty much it.


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I have the same issue.

I have the same issue

If you are are stuck in a loop of VS Code asking you to “Accept terms and conditions” please log into VS Code before connecting in Figma.

You can log in to the VS Code extension by:

  1. Clicking the Figma icon in the sidebar of VS Code
  2. Clicking “Log In” and following the instructions
  3. You can then click “Open in VS Code” in Figma however, you may need to accept our Terms of Use to allow VSCode to connect.
  4. In order to accept the Terms of Service, you’ll need to click “Next” in the Dev Mode modal.

Amazing, thanks. Totally didn’t see that. I suspect the flow I and the OP were stuck in is a bug however.

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Hi all, our development team is aware of this and hope to have an update out soon!

We have shared a post here with tips to get started with the VS Code extension.

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I am unable to login at all, if i click the login button it still won’t show any modals, tried reinstalling didnt work

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Not working for me, i tried uninstalling the extension, tried uninstalling and installing VS…still not working

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If you don’t see ‘Log In’ option. then

  1. While in VS Code, Press Shift+Command+P to Show and Run Commands.
  2. Select Figma: Log out from the list of options in the search bar.

You can now log in and it should fix the problem


Thanks ! This worked for me.

Similar problem, its the login bit though, I’ve tried clicking the Login Button and i get this every time


This looks like it is generic login problem in VSCode. If you open the console and you see memory full message, then this is an issue with the Windows Credential Manager

Delete a few VSCode entries from there, and try again.

It didn’t work, I did everything I said
Captura de tela 2024-02-11 160551

Estou com esse problema também, não consegui resolver

Não consigo utilizar o Figma.
Alguém me ajuda?
Fiz login, reinstalei o Vscode e não consigo carregar os exemplos.

Hi there, thank you for contacting us about Figma for VS Code! I completely understand how you feel.

You may already be aware, but please keep in mind that Figma for VS Code requires a full Design seat or a Dev Mode seat, as detailed in our Help Center article here: Figma for VS Code

If you are experiencing issues with the VS Code extension, we kindly ask that you try the following steps, as they often resolve most problems:

  1. Check for any available updates for both VS Code and the Figma for VS Code extension, and update them as necessary.

  2. Try logging out of your Figma account in the VS Code extension, then log back in. If that doesn’t work, log out, uninstall the extension, reinstall it, and log back in to see if that makes a difference.
    You can log out by following steps:
    a. Press [Shift] + [Command(Control)] + [P] to Show and Run Commands
    b. Search and select Figma: Log out from the list of options in the search bar.

  3. If you are using a network security app like a VPN or proxy, consider adding Figma.com to the ‘safe list’ in that app, or consult your IT Admins to do so. More information on this can be found in our in the Help Center article here: Troubleshooting checklist

If none of these steps resolve the issue, please send us a debug log from VS Code so we can investigate further.

  1. Save debug logs in VS Code. After replicating the issue, open the command palette by:
  • Mac: Cmd + Shift + P
  • Windows: Ctrl + Shift + P
  1. Select Figma: Save debug information from the lists in the search bar and select a location on your computer to save your logs.

  2. Please reach out to our support team directly by: https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
    Make sure you use your Figma account email and attach the saved log file. This will enable our support team to assist you effectively.

Thank you!