View Figma's regular website when logged into Figma

Is there a way to view Figma’s regular website when logged into Figma?

When I go to and I am logged in, it redirects me to the Figma app files view. There is no way to view the regular site once in the app.

There are times where I want to see the Figma site. Occasionally, someone asks me what does a plan include or what the different plan levels are… And I want to check for myself and/or send them a link. I have sign-out or open a different browser or search for a direct link manually.

Open an anonymous/private window in your browser and go to, no need to log out. Usually the shortcut is Crtl/Cmd + Shift + N on the browser.

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Direct link to Figma home page:

Thanks… I did not think about using private mode to visit the same site, but that works.

This works too! Thanks.