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Version control on Figma

Hello, with my company we would like to move from Sketch & Abstract to Figma.

Currently on Abstract, we have projects for each products. Inside these projects we have the Master which is the live version of our product and branches that are tasks we are developing & designing. We would like to keep a similar organization with Figma:

  • A “Live” project would be useful to share it with the marketing team if they need to communicate about existing features.
  • “WIP” projects will be used by designers to work on current tasks and share it with developers.
  • An “Archive” project could contains the tasks released or the tasks we designed but won’t release soon.

Unfortunately with this organization, I’m afraid to have difficulties to apply changes from “WIP” projects to “Live”. On Abstract we have the possibility to merge and check conflicts but with Figma if we copy changes on a component from “WIP” to “Live” projects, I’m not sure the overrides of the “Live” component will be kept on all instances?
So I thought about the “Branch” feature, unfortunately branches are not clearly visible in the Figma File browser, so stakeholders will have difficulties to find the right version if we have multiple branches on the same file.

How do you usually organize your work to keep versions visible and maintainable?

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