Vector fill color (nested component) doesn't change back to the one specified in the default variant after interaction

Hey @tank666, thanks for sharing the file. It really helped me realize how color overrides can consistently work. However, there seems to be an issue with stroke properly swapping.

I tried applying it to our design system but I’ve stumbled upon an issue with the stroke not scaling back properly when you change the icon and swap back from Button Large to Medium, and then Small.

What’s peculiar is that stroke swaps properly from Small to Large, and from Large to Medium, but doesn’t go back to 1pt when swapping to Small.

Here’s how it breaks:

Any idea how to handle this?

I fixed this by overriding the stroke width in the button variants. That is, I selected the icon vector in the Button Components Set, changed the stroke width from 1px to 2px and back. I did this for all button variants, but maybe it only needed to be done for the Small Button.

Feel free to duplicate my file again to make sure it works as expected:

Thanks @tank666 but I’m unable to edit it even if I save it to my drafts (or launch a prototype to test for that matter).

Is it locked in some way? The old file was editable.

Could you show a screenshot of the entire screen?

I think I duplicated it with one account and tried accessing it with another :sweat_smile:

Sorry and thanks!