Variables panel bugs

Hey all! Am I the only one having these issues with the variables panel?

  1. Renaming Collections
    After renaming a variable collection from the panel (which the process is painful tbh), there is not way to switch to another collection. The dropdown disapears until the panel is closed and reopened.

  2. SHIFT+RETURN Shortcut
    This is only working when the panel is freshly opened. As soon as you start editing some variables or just moving/clicking around, you can’t do that anymore. You need, again, to close and reopen the panel.

  3. Collection name + side pane
    The header of my variable panel is empty when the left pane for the collections is closed. Is this me or we should be able to navigate or at least see the collection name we are currently viewing?

  4. Panel resizing
    The panel keeps resizing based on the number of variables and modes we have. In one of my collection, I have many modes for devices’ sizes and the panel is as large as Figma can be. This is sooooo annoying.

I’ve been very annoyed with number 2. Such an awesome shortcut to make life easier but works almost never…

I want to add here: I wanted to move variables from one collection to another (started with just one collection but turned out to be a bad idea) and that is just not possible as far as I know. Would be very handy because now I had to recreate the variables AND reassign them where they were used.

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Oh yes @Sarah_Meysman , I agree… moving variables from collection to collection is a big deal.

Same annoyances. :frowning:

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