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Variable Fonts

I’m having trouble using Google’s Inter, my company’s new brand font with desktop app. I’m guessing that’s because its a variable font, I’ve tried without success to download the plugin at GitHub - rememberlenny/figma-variable-fonts: A Figma plugin for adding variable fonts into the canvas
Anything else I should try?

Try installing the non-variable version of this font, obviously. If you need some specific non-standard weights, you can generate them as static fonts too (if the font license allows it, I’m pretty sure it should, but I don’t know much about this).

If you want to use the plugin and it doesn’t work for some reason, reach out to the plugin developer to report an issue. But I don’t think this plugin would solve the issue for you since it only allows to render them as simple vectors, i.e. not editable text.

P.S. This is not Google’s font, fonts on Google Fonts don’t belong to Google. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, yeah I finally gave up and installed the static fonts, I don’t need any more variations anyway.

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Lenny paused that VF plugin project, but there’s a new one here: