Using Variables is a pain

I manage tokens creation with Variables:

Thanks for your help !



I add language variables on the fly. And every time I add one I have to switch from the last collection I made. If I forget, I don’t have the option to move the created variables to the correct collection.

Default should be the last used, not the last created.

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I want to like them, but I feel stupid

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I don’t know how do they think this is even a decent UX to release… The function is there, but adding/editing variables literally pain my hand and wrist…
I guess it’s beta… but this is not even an Alpha quality of UX…

I’ll add some here:

  • Let us change the property of multiple variables at once (This is specifically for changing Scoping, like Color scoping, etc)
  • Let us change the property of variables on a group. Right now, I have to change every single variable one at a time.
  • Duplicate variables
  • Let us set a default variable type for a group. So I don’t have to click twice to add a new variable to the group.
  • Move Variables and Groups into different collections
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Agreed, 1, 4 & 5 would be a huge upgrade in usability.

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agreed with all of these :clap:

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