Using design system from community

Hi, I would like to work with design system which is shared via figma community. This design system is regularly updated and I would like to use it without necessary to manually overwrite components in file that I added to my workspace. Is there any solution to use community library with auto updates from file author?


Hey @piotrek,

This isn’t possible right now, but it’s already on our radar! Feel free to add your feedback for the team and vote here:


Hi @dvaliao, what do you suggest for keeping the consumers of a design system in the community up to date, when we make an update? The only thing I can think of would be a newsletter. Or is this feature gonna be soon part of Figma?

Hey there, if you’re able to add that somewhere on your community file page to sign up with you directly for updates, a newsletter could work great. We don’t have plans for any feature in our immediate timeline to allow creators to notify their users regarding updates.

Though it seems like a newsletter is the way to go in this case. Funny, I thought I’ll never use a newsletter tool again in my life…
never say never