Use Google Fonts With Figma On Linux?

As a Linux user I feel really alienated when using Figma! I love Figma and I love Linux (I’m not willing to give either up) - but you can’t seem to do a lot of things with Figma that others can if you choose to run Linux - no desktop app, no plugin development, and now no local fonts? What else? I understand there are sometimes workarounds for things but not being able to use the same things in the same ways as other users (ie: easily and conveniently) is just rude!

So I want to use google fonts in my designs. I’m not sure if it’s even the right solution but I find a reference to a font helper and instructions to install it. But when I find the place in Account Settings it tells me…

So is this really some dichotomy where I’m forced to choose between continuing to use Linux (a platform I’ve loved and used for nearly a decade - the only platform I really know in depth) and getting the benefit of using all Figma’s features? More specifically, can I use google fonts with Figma while on this platform?


I’m in the same case, not being able to import new fonts in linux is frustating for me. I tried few solution but it didn’t work.

Hope it could be easier in the future

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Apparently the fonts in the online Figma ARE google fonts? The line “can … use Google’s Web Fonts” in this Figma document makes me think they are saying that the fonts in the cloud version (Figma online) are google fonts but I’m not sure I’m interpreting that correctly though…

Yet I notice some fonts shown in Google Fonts are missing from the fonts available in Figma online.

Am I mistaken or are they trying to say that the fonts available with Figma online ARE Google Fonts? If so, then why aren’t they all there?

I did notice that project but it seemed like a 3rd party clone of Figma or something. Is that project being done by Figma or someone else?

Figma has no involvement in that project.

Regarding Google Fonts, some newer ones are not available because the font list is updated manually.

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