Use developer VM error with core-js

Hi, I’m not so sure why core-js error pops out from Figma developer VM mode only.

Plugin works fine with general plugin start, but When developer VM more on, then It throws an error like attached images

At the first time, It throw an ‘process’ undefined error which comes from core-js, and found the update what recently made: add a workaround for getting proper global object in Figma plugins, c… · zloirock/core-js@3c5394d · GitHub

However, I use the lodash which make another problem now. I tired to remove the lodash from code, and replace it, but I used the ‘prototype’ as well which is the next issue after the lodash.
So, ideally i should fix the core-js issue to work with Figma Plugin.

Is there any similar case what people knows about?
I will really appreciate any info or suggestions.


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I had the same issue, and your replay helped me to understand that this is due to VM mode. Thank you!