Use color variable in conditions (if color-variable = #000000 ...)

Love variables!
I would love it even more if there was a possibility to use color variables in the conditionals.

Very simple use case:
I want an object to change color when it’s clicked.
Let’s say I want it to become blue when it’s yellow, red when it’s blue, yellow hen it’s red.

Eventually I can obtain the same result with boolean, placing layers and hide/show them but it’s far less efficient.


I would kinda like to do the same but with String.

So when I click an element, if the String is String 1, then it’s renamed to String 2. If it’s already string 2, it’s renamed to string 1.

But look like I can’t do it atm …

Hey @Bruno_Mattelet2
thanks for the comment, but you can do it. The only variable excluded from conditional is color:
Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 22.22.41

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