Upgraded to macOS 15, Figma not working properly

Hi everyone,

I recently upgraded my operating system to macOS 15 and have encountered some issues with Figma:

  1. After the upgrade, when I open a Figma design file, the page becomes unresponsive. I’ve tried using Chrome, Safari, and the Figma desktop app, but only Safari can open the file normally.

  2. The design files use the “PingFang SC” font. However, after the OS upgrade, it shows a font error and I’m unable to replace the font. This issue did not occur prior to the upgrade.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems after upgrading to macOS 15? Any insights or potential solutions would be greatly appreciated. I’m wondering if this is a compatibility issue between Figma and the latest macOS version.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!


Issue resolved - updating the Command Line Tools fixed the compatibility problems with Figma on macOS 15. Pages are responsive again and the font error is gone.

Update - unfortunately, the issue resurfaced. Here’s what I did to resolve it:

  1. Clear Figma cache: In the Figma menu, go to “Help” - “Troubleshooting” - “Clear Cache and Restart”. This step clears Figma’s cached data.
  2. Restart the Mac system: I chose to shut down completely and then manually restart. I’m not sure if a normal restart would also work.

After restarting the system and opening Figma again, everything was back to normal.


Hey @Sympathy , glad to hear you have found a fix and for letting us know your workaround!

@aGuang , can you force-quit and reopen Figma after updating the Command Line Tools to see if that helps?

Do you see the missing font warning by any chance? If so, you need to Manage Missing Fonts. Please check this article for the workarounds.

As stated there the most common reasons for missing fonts are:

  • Missing installed fonts: collaborators are using a local font, which you don’t have installed.
  • Conflicting versions: collaborators are using a different (older or newer) version of the font.
  • Missing font styles: Either the style was missing from a download, or you are using a different version of the font which doesn’t include that weight or style.

If you have this font already installed on your computer, you’ll need to either use our Desktop App or follow the instructions to Access local fonts on your computer to use local fonts in the browser.

If the issue still occurs, I suggest you to reach out directly to the support team here so they can investigate it further.
Please also mention the steps you have done, the specs (desktop /browser) and if it affects your browser, desktop app or both. Thank you!

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Thank you for your response, I will try to resolve it according to your method.



I’ve encountered the same bug.
Update the command line or restart computer still not working.

Even I changed it to another font, Figma will stuck anyway.

It seems Figma has font compatible issue on macOS 15.

I also encountered the same problem. How exactly do you update the command line tools to fix it? I’m not quite sure about the procedure. Thank you so much for your reply and help!

Hey everyone,
Thanks for flagging this. Can you also try to clear out the cache to see if that helps?

You can follow the steps in this article:

If this still doesn’t help, as explained, please reach out directly to the support team here . Our technical team can investigate it further the root issue on your end. Thank you!

Hello! Here’s how to update the command line tools to fix the Figma freezing issue:

  1. Check for system available updates. In addition to macOS updates, Apple also pushes a separate update for Xcode Command Line Tools, which is around 700MB in size.
  2. If the command line tools update is available, click to install it. Once the installation is complete, restart your computer.
  3. If you’re still experiencing issues after updating the command line tools, you can try the following troubleshooting steps:
  • Clear the cache of the Figma desktop app
  • Try opening the Figma file in different browsers like Safari or Edge
  • Try opening Figma in the browser’s incognito/private mode
  • Clear your browser cache
  • Clear your macOS system cache files

I hope these steps help you successfully resolve the Figma freezing issue. If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to ask.

Are you sure that the new PingFang fonts are being used instead of the old ones? Upgrading from macOS 14 to 15 may result in duplicated PingFang font in the Font Book. After resolving duplication by removing the old PingFang fonts, I cannot use the new ones.

Same here, it’s not working. But I changed the font from PingFang into the other one, which fixed the issue temporarily

Here are some additional details for reference:

The entire Adobe suite also cannot apply the PingFang font on this new system.
Using Figma through a browser in a UTM virtual machine (Mac OS 14) also cannot apply system fonts.
Other browser-based applications are also experiencing the same issue.
Sketch and Apple’s own applications do not have this problem.