Unpublish a component duplicate

One of the designers on my team accidentally published copies of a component (ATOCalendarpicker), so now there are 3 listed, and 2 of them are wrong.
How do I delete the first couple of copies and keep just the last, correct one?

Hey @esteiner – try the following to un-publish a component:

  • Go to the Assets Panel in the Layers Sidebar and then find the Component you’d like to remove.

  • Right-click on the Component and then click on Remove from the library : This will move the Components from Private to this file section in the Assets panel.

  • Publish the changes to your Team Library.

When I right-click on the component in the Assets Panel, I don’t get the option to ‘Remove from library’.
The only options I have are:

Screenshot 2023-07-31 at 9.56.20 AM