Unfit preview while running Design or Prototype. How to solve this issue?

I am using Figma on my computer for 2 month, no issue but suddenly a issue starting to irritate me while running the presentation or preview of my design and prototype. After I run my design whether it is mobile design or desktop, it doesn’t fit resize or layout, I checked verious zoom mode, I also tried to reinstall Figma, but problem remaining same both on Figma desktop and browser, Sharing my screenshot of a demo design and preview here to make it clear the issue.
Like I have taken android large frame preset, after running it this is how unfit it showing on preview, this problem remaining same on other files.

Hope for a solution and Thanks you in advance.

Hey Nilesh,
Thank you for reaching out to the community!
Can you make sure you set the right device in the prototype settings?

Click your frame, then access and adjust your prototype settings in the Prototype panel of the right sidebar, click “Show prototype settings”. In this panel, select a Device (here Android Large) and Model if needed. This will help to adjust your prototype view to the right size.

Feel also free to share a quick video recording (showing the prototype settings and when you open the presentation view) and a copy of your file if you are able to, so we can try to replicate on our end. I hope this helps!

Many many thank you for your kind reply,
Yes I checked it, actually I also tried with different device in prototype setting. I tried with different devices and and with different files but problem reamining same. I am fearing if this issue on my device or not, like rendering issue.

But I also use spline 3d modeling and no promlem there. But I don’t get it why this issue in Figma suddenly.

Thank you for the detail! Yes this seems buggy, and may be related to the device if the workaround I shared doesn’t work on your end. :thinking:
To cover some basics, please make sure by checking our guide if your browser and desktop meet the requirements: browser requirement and desktop requirement.

Also, here is a troubleshoot checklist you can give a try to see if that helps: here
(there are some workarounds you have already tried such as uninstall/install the app, but please also check the others troubleshootings in this article.)

If this still doesn’t help, I recommend you to reach out to our support team, our technical specialists can investigate it further: here
Please make sure you use the email associated with your Figma account and include a quick video recording, a copy of the file, and share access with support-share@figma.com. Thank you!