Unable to successfully publish update a figma file

Unable to successfully publish update a figma file for the community: “Error unloading images”,I had tried many times these days, and I guarantee that everything on the network is working.

Uploading: 2023-05-17 11.44.18.png…

Hi @YorKun ,
Can you please send back the error message you have seen in your end here? The picture doesn’t work.

  • As reminder, Figma only supports PNG , JPEG , HEIC , GIF and WEBP image and mp4 video formats.

  • If your networking is working well (internet speed and connection), please also make sure that it is not blocked by a browser extension. Browser extensions, such as ad blockers, can prevent images from loading in presentation view.

You can disable the browser extension, or add figma.com to the extension’s allow list. The process for this varies by extension, so make sure to reference the documentation for the relevant extension.

As of August 2020, the following extensions are known to block images in Presentation view: Ghostery, Video Downloader PLUS, iDM Integration Extension, Honey.

  • And, if you are using Figma in the browser: quit your internet browser application, then relaunch it.
    or in desktop app: right-click on the file’s tab and select Reload Tab.

Hope it helps!

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