UI3 Feedback: Create link shortcuts Cmd/Ctrk K + CmD/CTRL V not working

So I’m in the trial for UI3. So far it is going well. I am able to find everything that I need to do my work and I have been both designing and maintaining the design system for two weeks. I like that the main CTA have moved to the bottom of the screen from the top left.

One thing that is bothering me is I can no longer use my shortcuts to quickly create a link.

On a mac CMD+ K opens the link box then CMD+ V pastes in the link I copied from elsewhere. (On Windows this would be CTRL+ K then CTRL + V)

I use this functionality ALOT in handoffs. Maybe others do too? Also these shortcuts are used across many many applications such as Office 365, Google docs, sheets etc and even here in this text editor.

Now CMD + K opens a component search window

May I please have the CMD + K shortcut back for links? :pray:

Also can you admins please add a UI3 tag to this forum for additional UI3 feedback. Or is there another place trial users should be logging feedback? TYSM!

Hi @Roxanne_G, We are glad to hear that you are enjoying the redesigned Figma and thank you for sharing your thoughts on the shortcut for adding links.

I’ve noticed that we’ve updated the shortcut for adding links to text. You may have already seen the pop-up for that, but please give the new shortcut a try:

  • ⌘K now opens actions
  • Create link is now ⇧⌘U

If you prefer to use the previous shortcut, it would be a great feature request. Please consider posting your request here: https://forum.figma.com/c/share/12.

Regarding tag adding, that sounds like a great idea! While it might be challenging to add a tag to every new UI3-related comment, I’ll share your feedback with our team.

Additionally, you can submit a feedback from the Help and resources menu by clicking on the “?” in the lower right-hand corner and selecting “Submit feedback.”

Thank you once again for your valuable input!
If anyone from our community has additional insights or suggestions on this topic, please feel free to join the discussion.

Thanks @Junko3 . I see Shift + CMD+ U now does the link. Thank you for letting me know. I will request the return to the other shortcut (CMD + K, CMD+ V) as you suggest. It is a shortcut that is used across ALL applications such as Notion, Google everything, MS 365 everything, slack, teams, etc and so on. Thanks again for your reply.