Turning off multiplayer cursors when accessing a file anonymously

My team would like to be able to off multiplayer cursors (i.e. seeing other users cursors moving around) when accessing a file anonymously. This is because we use FigJam boards for retrospective meetings where people are encouraged to comment anonymously. Several members of the team find multiplayer cursors extremely distracting, but the option to turn them off is not available when accessing the board anonymously.


Hi @Geoffrey_White Appreciate you sharing your thoughts on multiplayer cursors!
I understand that it’s crucial for you and your team to be able to turn off multiplayer cursors without needing to log into a Figma account.
I can see how this could be handy for other users as well. I’m going to share your ideas with our internal team for future consideration!

Also, I found something similar ideas from other community members here: Disable 'observe' mode
Please feel free to take a look!


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