Tidy up stopped working for variants after figma multi-edit update

I have a set of components and usually I was using “tidy up” to format all items within a set to align them with the same vertical/horizontal space. But after multi-edit update the tidy up button became greyed out. Any clue why?

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Same here :pensive: my OCD is killing me for not having that option available anymore… Now I have to organize my component sets by hand.

Hey @Hugo_Pardal_Figueira , as a temporary workaround I’m using “Quantizer” Figma plugin, it helps but still not as easy as it was before. I suppose it is a Figma bug which no one is talking about :melting_face:

I thought it was just me, my OCD can’t handle this either. :sob:

I believe it’s back, at least I’m able to use it again :smiling_face: