The font is not displayed in the browser version

Couldn’t find a similar thread anywhere. Armenian font installed, font installer installed. The name of the font is in the right panel, but the text itself is transparent, not displayed

Yes, installed. And Noto Sans Armenian or Noto Serif Armenian don’t show up either. =(

Sorry, but I can’t confirm this. Are you sure that the text contains Armenian glyphs and not some others? Could you share a link to the file?

Figma file?

Yes, a link to a design file that contains a text layer that does not display glyphs.

Of course Link

Thanks for the link. When I opened your file, I saw a message about missing fonts. We probably use different versions of the font. I installed only the variable font Noto Sans Armenian.

Try to remove all Noto Sans Armenian fonts from your OS and install only the variable one from here: