The content of the subframe is not snapped into the column of the masterframe

I added a layout grid 12column to Masterframe A.
And I added subframe B to the masterframe, and I added contents to subframe B.
(No layout grid has been added to the subframe.)

At this time, the content of the subframe is not snapped into the column of the masterframe. Is it normal to operate like this? Or did I do something wrong?

So I have to add a layout grid for each subframe and I think this is inefficient.
I would like all the subframes in the masterframe to follow the layout grid of the masterframe.
Is there a solution?

Hey there, thanks for reaching out!

It’s hard to be sure without seeing your file, but you can resize a parent frame so that it shrinks or grows to fit its child frame. This will redraw the Frame around the outermost bounds of the frame within it:

  • Use the keyboard shortcut:
    • Mac: ⌥Option + Shift +⌘Command + R
    • Windows: Alt + Shift + Control + R
  • Click in the top-right corner of the Properties Panel

More info about nesting frames within other frames here:

That’s not the answer I wanted. It’s a question about the layout grid.

  1. Added 12 columns to frame A.
  2. Add frame B into frame A. (No column added to frame B.)
  3. Added a ‘green box’ to frame B.
  4. The green box does not snap to the columns in frame A.
    Is it normal to operate like this?

I would like the contents in the Frame B to follow columns of the Frame A. (Without adding columns to frame B.)

Thanks for clarifying!

Yes, this is the current expected behavior.

Child frames won’t snap to a parent frame’s grid. There are plugins in the community that may help though.

Here’s an example:

Thank you!