The code to share a prototype does not work correctly

Good afternoon I have a question about the code to share (for example on my website).


I copied the resulting code and pasted it onto the site. As a result, my prototype is displayed in a black frame from Figma. It also displays a lot of unnecessary information, and the option to open full screen is not active.

I tried to change the code, but I was able to change the frame size and the color of the frame contour.
Is there any way to change the code so that the prototype is displayed more attractively on the site and without unnecessary functions? How can I make the function to open the prototype in full-screen work?

Thank you

Add a value for the allowfullscreen attribute. For example: allowfullscreen="" or allowfullscreen="1".


Thank you for your reply. I’m not a programmer myself, so I don’t understand the codes. Is there even on the forum or somewhere else complete information about code changes to share? Or do you use your knowledge of programming?

It’s not entirely clear what information you want to find. Forum, Help Center, and the entire Internet at your disposal. If you have any specific questions, you can use the search or create a new topic on the forum.