Text Styles: Font Name is no longer in the Tab Order

When editing a text style, there is currently no way to tab to the font name part. You can Tab the font weight, size and other settings, but the name you cannot, it doesn’t even highlight the font name so you can select the drop down. In fact when you click TAB after the description, the highlight disappears, e.g. as if it IS selecting the “font name” part, but it’s neither visibly highlighted nor can you use the keyboard to show the drop-down of fonts and therefore you cannot select a font from the list. The mouse is the only way to do this now?

I have to bulk-updated the font of text styles, and since this cannot be done with a function, I have to do it manually and doing this for 38 font styles toggling between the mouse and the keyboard makes this change of font even slower.

Also pressing ESC doesn’t close the font pop-up, so you can only close it with a mouse.