Text doesn't look aligned properly using autolayout with component properties

I noticed a really strange visual appearance behaviour that happens using component properties with autolayout and text styles inside.

I’m trying to achieve a single input field that could be adapted in different situations. Everything is great, aside the fact that when I close and open again the same file, texts appear not aligned vertically anymore. Double-clicking the instance to edit it brings all the elements to the correct position.

Example as I open the file

Example as I double-click the instance

Somebody is experiencing the same issue?

In addition to this, I’m still experiencing the same bug reported in other threads, not only for the swap instance colors (eg: icons) but also for the texts.

I tried to nest the component above (which uses component properties and one variant only for sizes) to create a single input text field where I can manage the content (value, placeholder or empty), size and states. This is only made of variants, no custom properties (those are managed by the nested component inside).

This component is not working as expected if I change the “content” variant property after editing it, while works as expected if I don’t change anything. This looks so weird to me.

I’ve the same problem! Waiting for a fix :crossed_fingers:

Same here! It’s a pretty nasty one, hope it get fixed soon :pray: