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Temporarily hiding selection outlines

In other design tools you can simply press a key, and any selection outlines, grab handles, etc. get hidden while the key is down, so you can preview and evaluate how things look, without having to de-select everything and lose your selection.

Apparently there is no way to do this in Figma =(

This is important while experimenting with different colors, fonts, etc., and in Figma it could be used to see how different sizes, variants, and states, look in your design, without those selection handles and outlines getting in the way of you previewing things.

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It is not possible but it sounds like a good suggestion, so I’d recommend you to edit this topic, turn it into a suggestion instead of a question, and move it to #product-ideas category.

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Also you can always press Esc to deselect everything, then Cmd/Ctrl + Z to undo deselection.


Yep, that’s what I have to do. But it breaks flow state. The subtle, yet magical effect of simply pressing a key down, is that it’s so simple & easy to do, you stay in that flow state as you switch options while designing, which speeds up your design evaluation process by an order of magnitude. Once you experience it, you’re kind of hooked on it :slight_smile:

Maybe other designers here who know what I’m talking about can share their perspective on this, but for me it’s a huge speed boost to be able to do this.

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Also, I should add, it should be easy to implement. Huge bang for the buck.

+1 to this. ESC doesn’t do the trick because then you can’t manipulate the selection.

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+1000000 to this!
This is by far the biggest design update I would like to see. Enabling hiding selection lines with a good shortcut would turn Figma into a powerhouse. I completely agree with the magical flow. It suffers without it.