Sync Shape width to a google sheet

the goal is to sync a recurring shape dimension to google spreadsheet
for instance imagine a list of segments in various lengths 2,4,6
1.set rectangle width dimension to variable for instance Width and fixed height 20px
2.tranform to component
3.multiply instance 50 times
4.apply a value to width based on a spreadsheet
something like that the end results is 50 reqtangles in various size .

(i also have an option to import all the various legths as variables. but have not been able to connect the variables/ width parameter to the google sheet or otherwise

Hey @Amichai_Oron, thanks for reaching out!

This isn’t possible right now, and we have no plans to implement a way to sync shape dimensions to a google spreadsheet. I’ve changed your topic into a feature request for future consideration.

We’ll pass this onto the team an gauge interest from the community using votes.