Switching Account Inside Community Forum

Hey, I have multiple accounts in Figma (personal, my company, my client’s workspace and so on) but I want to use my primary account to be used on the Ask community. However, Figma logs me to the community from my client’s company account where I’m added as a team member (different email domain).

When (which I already asked with the support) will you support the account switch on the community page? (e.g. Sign in with Google → Choose account) or email/password.

Currently, after login out, and clicking Log in again, you can’t access login screen that will allow you to provide email/password or connect with Google.

For that need to use another browser or go to incognito mode.

Hello @Gregsss, Thank you for bringing up the issue of account switching. I appreciate your efforts in confirming this with our support team. I completely understand your frustration about switch accounts within our community forum.

I understand that this may not be the ideal solution, but I have found a way to switch my community forum account by using a Chrome profile. So it could serve as a temporary workaround.

I have a suggestion: How about changing the category of this post to “Share an Idea” and updating the title to “Switching Account Inside Community Forum”?
This way, we can better plan for future updates. Plus, other community members who support your idea can vote on it, helping us understand the level of interest and feasibility of adding this feature.

Please let me know if you are comfortable with making these changes.

Thanks for your help here!

@Junko3 thanks! I see I missed setting a nice title and category for this post. Unfortunately, I’m not able to edit the post. I need to create another one and somehow wait until this one is closed due to inactivity.

Hi @Gregsss, Thanks for your response! I appreciate your effort in trying to create a new topic for this, and I apologize for any confusion.
I have updated the title of this topic and its category. Please feel free to vote up your idea!

Your feedback is extremely important to our community, and we’d love to hear the opinions of other members on this!

Need this please!