Swap Overlay and set a different position

Using overlays greatly reduced the amount of duplications in my frames, still there are flows when I start with an overlay in a given position and would like for it to be swapped with a differently positioned overlay.

Currently I do that by targeting a new frame and using a timed overlay opening from that. Looks fine in the prototype, but adds few extra steps/duplications that I’d happily do without.


Agreed. I hope this gets implemented soon.


Yes . Would be good to be able to set the position of the new overlay when doing Swap Overlay. I use the same poor workaround as Dario1 in the meantime… But that makes my design overcomplicated and less reliable.

Alternative that may work too: Get rid of the Swap Overlay option and replace it with Open Overlay (which allow you to set the position) + a Close Other Overlays option (to do the same as a swap). :upside_down_face:


Currently when using ‘Swap Overlay’ we are not allowed to position the overlay on the screen

At certain time it is required that overlays are positioned differently e.g. while designing overlays for user on-boarding journey.

It will be a great feature addition and will eliminate need to duplicate the background.


Using overlays greatly reduced the number of frame duplication. However, there are flows when I start with an overlay in a given position and would like for it to be swapped with a differently positioned overlay.

I see that other designers have brought this topic up about a year ago. Figma, please make this happen.


Going from an overflow menu overlay to a modal overlay is a common enough flow (i.e. “product details,” “sizing tips”). It would really benefit from this function.

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Figma says: Note: You can’t set a different position for the new overlay. Figma places the new overlay in the same position as the original overlay.

Why can’t we set a different position for the new swapped overlay? =( Will this be developed into a feature in future?

Hi guys, in my design i made a pop up using “open overlay”, I placed this pop up in the bottom-center of the frame and it has a action button to open a modal with additional info, the thing is that usually modals goes centered and have a background, when I use the “Swap overlay” interaction, I just can choice which frame i want to swap but I can’t choice the position or if I want to set a background, the frame is just shown in the same place I spotted the pop up.

As a user, I want to swap overlay and set a different position for new overlay, and set all other properties for new overlay, so that I can customize the prototype because it is needed in some cases like when snack bar appears after clicking on pop up modal action.


I have this problem too. Does anyone know a workaround? Not sure why they would change the modal positioning options in this particular flow, which is super common.

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I use swap overlay a lot but it would be very helpful for me if I could specify where I want my swapping overlay to begin. Figma automatically swaps it in the center of the screen. I know it’s not possible yet and some people have brought this up as well (image below), but @Figma_Moderation if you could maybe let us in if this feature made it to your backlog and if so, when we might be able to expect this feature release? Thx

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