Support response speed

Hey guys!
Yesterday I sent a support request regarding new payment terms for Figma related to seat types
Please tell me how long to wait for an answer? My request is #915057. The day after tomorrow we may be denied access to our files, so I would like to receive an answer as soon as possible

Hi Leila – I’m sorry that that help hasn’t come your way yet. I can see that your ticket is in the system, and that it is queued up for a support member to respond to.

I don’t have an exact timeline on wait on my end, unfortunately. There has been a higher amount of inquiries coming our way, and our support team has been working hard to get to everyone as quick as they can. I know this could impact your workflow, and I did note this for the support team. I can’t make promises on if that will expedite anything.

I hope I was able to be a bit helpful, and sorry that I can’t do more.