Support modifying type "Details" without detaching style


I work in the sustainability space, and I’m therefore constantly writing CO2 in Figma. Our team maintains an internal design system which includes text styles.

Here’s the painpoint, whenever I write CO2 (or any other text with subscript or superscript) while conforming to our text styles, I need to:

  1. Write the text without subscript in the desired text style
  2. Highlight the individual character that I want to convert to subscript
  3. Click “Detach style”
  4. Re-highlight the character that I’ve detached, since clicking “Detach style” takes the focus
  5. Select the text “…” menu, “Details” tab and scroll down to “Numbers” → “Position”

This process is long enough to get very annoying when done for multiple texts. This also needs to be repeated whenever text styles are updated or we change the selected text style.


Support overriding certain details including the “Numbers” configuration of text without first having to unlink the style. As is already supported for “Case” and “Alignment” under text “Basics”.

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