Support Forum Feedback/Bugs Thread

Hi hi! We’ll be working on refining the UI a bit in the future (the whole page’s layout has changed on Discourse’s side since we initially wrote the theme), but I’ve fixed the Sort by button and the whole page should be a bit closer to our expectations in terms of usability.

More soon!


Yay! One more thing: the topic settings menu is messed up on mobile.

A couple more issues:

  1. Some #feedback categories are missing the ability to mark answers as solutions, for example #plugin-api:feedback. Please check that all #feedback categories allow this.

  2. New people can’t post links, images or videos. This is understandable, but usually they come to the forum with a problem and can’t post anything. Can you allow images and videos (or at least images) for all people and whitelist links (and maybe some other domains) for new people?

This floating window is very broken for the past couple of days.

Here is one more CSS weirdness example: Prototype is distorted/glitched in presentation mode

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These two should be fixed! Thanks for the heads-up and links – wound up being super helpful. :smiley:

Bumping this issue again, please look into allowing links and image attachments. People can’t even send links to the forum itself (Background music in yt ad? - #5 by Reed_Graf), that’s kind of ridiculous.

When links and images were enabled, there wasn’t much spam on the forum and it was usually flagged pretty quickly, so I don’t see much damage in enabling links. Images are not as much of an issue anyway so there is no point in disallowing them. After a quick google it looks like there might be a native links whitelist feature or at least some plugins for that.

The forum is barely alive anyway and these limits are damaging it in my view. What do you think? Maybe you need some help? @thudson @Josh

Hey Gleb, thanks for reaching out. I just looked into this and I don’t think we have any restrictions or changed anything here.

The minimum trust level to add a link to a topic or an image is set to 0:new user, so that shouldn’t be causing any issues there. I went through the rest of the settings as well I couldn’t find anything that may be causing this.

Also not sure what the topic you’re linking to is showing. Did the user try linking to the YT video but wasn’t allowed?

Let me know thanks.

They were trying post a link to the forum topic:

Here are some more examples of people being unable to post links or screenshots:

However I just found out that this doesn’t happen to all new people. Weird.

I think these are just mistakes. The first one there’s a comma in the url.

I’ll dig into the other one tomorrow though with internal links. That might be a bug or some other weird setting.

You can see in other threads people explicitly state they can’t add a link or an image. And I doubt anyone can replace a dot with a comma in a link accidentally, so this is probably done to prevent link detection as well. This is a fairly common occurrence on the forum. Here is another example:

I also remember there was a thread where the person wasn’t able to add a link so someone had to tell them to add a space or something in the URL so its not considered a URL by the forum automatically. Can’t find it now.

Found a bug. Not a critical issue but might be worth reporting to Discourse (if not already reported). The topic was closed automatically after 9 days like after 30 days, probably because the year changes are not considered in this calculation. Ability to move frames around Figma with the attached comments

Another piece of feedback: the topics in #product-feedback are closed automatically after 30 days. I don’t think this is a good mechanic as they don’t require a quick answer. This results in duplicates and inactivity in some topics. Moderators can close the outdated topics manually. There is no expiration date to feedback until it’s implemented or fixed in a different way. @Josh

@Josh, since FigJam is out of beta, it’s worth renaming the forum category.

Oh yeah good call. I’ll work on this with the team today. Thanks!

This topic probably can be solved and closed: Can you fix superscript?

I’ve just been through the Learn Design lessions and recorded any errors I found along the way (typos, broken links etc). Where’s the best place to submit these so they can get fixed?

Hey David, this is an older resource of ours but you can report any bugs via the following form:

Submit a bug form →

OK thanks, will do.

The layout just got very broken! @thudson @Josh

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Ah! Thanks for flagging this @Gleb. Should be fixed now.