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Suggestion: Dynamic plugin menu

A number of users in the Figma Plugins Slack have been asking about being able to change the plugin menu items via the plugin code.

Essentially changing the menu item array in the manifest.json via the plugin during runtime.

This would allow us to progressively give context, hide functions behind auth etc, and could vastly improve the greater plugin experience.


Hi Finch! Can you share a bit more about your use case and what you mean by progressively give context? Thanks

Apologies for taking so long to get back to you, missed this message.

Progressive giving context.
Imagine a more complex plugin, where we require a number of things to be inputted by the user for the plugin to run properly.

For example, disable a menu item if the user’s selection is empty. Or if they need to enter an API key.

Rather than wait for a user to input an error, we can prevent it up front, for a better user experience.