Suggestion: API endpoint for :team_id


Is there any idea if getting the team id of a user just from a token will be implemented any time soon?

Or if someone knows a different way to obtain that info?


Afaik, that is still a manual process. Seems wierd to me though, like a broken user flow. Maybe the reason is extra manual step to ensure consious sharing of information.

Really strange that you can’t do this.

Such a basic feature is a must!

The user will provide the access token either manually or via OAuth… and that’s enough to ensure their consent. Asking them to get the team ID manually (good luck describing how) is just a terrible user experience.

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+1 - I describe this process of getting the team id for a Figma integrated app I’ve built. Close to half the users are pasting the wrong thing (usually a file link instead of team). It’s way too confusing and too much effort for a user to have to do this as one of the first tasks on signup. I hope Figma adds OAuth scopes so the user can choose how much they want to share when they authenticate.

I second this. I’m new to the Figma API and I’m baffled that there doesn’t seem to be a way of getting a list of all teams, projects or files for a user who have authenticated with OAuth without having to first manually find the team ID via the URL.

There need to be a way of performing this flow:

  1. Authenticate with OAuth
  2. Get a list of teams/projects/files via the API with the access token
  3. List teams/projects/files in the 3rd party application so the user can choose
  4. Call API to get information about a specific file the user have selected

There doesn’t seem to be any API endpoint like /v1/files/all, v1/projects/all, v1/teams/all or something?

Figma, any progress on this?

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+1 for this! This would be especially helpful for our Enterprise organization

+1 I need this so badly. Come on Figma, come to the party.

+1 This feature will help with figma integration to another services

+1 We also need this feature

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+1 for this feature. We need it badly.