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Styles for Auto Layout

I’d love to have styles for the Auto Layout in the same way as Figma does for the grids/columns, typography, colors etc. Handy for making consistent containers. Think of changing padding globally for example.

What do you think?



Hi Jan,
Toolabs DSM plugin creates tokens for auto layouts as well. And for paddings, the auto layout tokens uses spacing tokens. So, if you have more than one auto layout token, changing the spacing scale will be enough.

I hope it helps!

Figma - Toolabs Design System Manager | ✦ Design Tokens, Theme Management and more... Define or update design tokens in one single panel...


Great feature! Helps me a lot!

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Hey @Namik_Ozgur_Aydin, it looks like a great plugin you made! I’ll give it a try. For now, I prefer a plugin-less (and no-extra-account) solution.

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