Add "Style" feature for Padding, corner and spacing (just like font, effects & colors)

Hey there Everyone.

I was working on UI kits and one thing we all can agree on is that some measurements (like spacing) should be consistent. I checked local styles, We already have color, text, grid & effect. But in Design systems, we usually have guidelines for corner radius or paddings, too.

It would be great if we could also save these “spacings” as style:

  • Corner-radius (all 4 sides)
  • Padding (all 4 sides)
  • Space Between

Since the corner radius is independent of the layout, it can be separated from paddings and space between. But it is necessary.

This could help us bring our Design system into Figma in a proper way. What do you think?

Been thinking about this for so long!
Great idea!

well, I was also thinking about group styles (all in one collection). Assume that you want to design some cards. They usually have the same background and corner or style of padding and spacings. this could be an all-in-one package.

Now, I usually use a base component with some replacer component as a container inside to test my designs. but bases make the file so slow. I might make another post just for this idea to make things faster.

Give me feed back on this, too :smiley:

I just found another thread that is requesting the same feature. I think I should close this one.

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