"String Variables and Variants" Feature Issue with Child Element

The issue arises when attempting to utilize the “String Variables and Variants” feature on a child element within a component or frame. While the feature works as expected on the parent element,

but on the child element, the “Assign Variable…” icon is missing, preventing variable assignment.

maybe I’m doing something wrong :man_shrugging:

Hey @Nahmias,

This is a current limitation when binding variables to variant instances. Variables can only be applied to top-level instances, and are not available for nested variant instances.

You can see more on this here: Use Variables in Prototypes

Pretty much with @atien mentioned with variable limitations are only available to top level components. If this is a small prototype and is not part of a design system you can achieve what you’re looking for by not using complex components or even just having your designs that are not componentized for specific prototyping purposes

ok thank you for your help @atien , @Chris_Beltran . I will modify my design. I think I can solve my problem with simple variables. it will take a little longer.