Strange autolayot behaviour

Hello everyone.
I ran into the problem. A big problem for me. Autolayout drives e crazy. Automatically alignment between objects, nonzero paddings, a complex interaction of the settings… All masterclass videos are so idealistic, primitive and sterile. Anyway here two screenshots:

before created a general autolayout
after created a general autolayout

There are small displacement in the x-y axis. Everything complete but after used this “magic” we need to rearrange all things. WHY MOVE ELEMENTS OF THE BUILT COMPOSITION? Of course, it’s so evenly, so flatly, so gently, so rosy, so pretty cool. Absolute position helps me? Why? Or maybe do nothing at all? This autof…king real killing my time.

Hey. What’s your question exactly? )

More pronounced:


How to realize autolayout without shift between elements if possible?

What shift are you referring to? What did you expect to happen?
Please elaborate more in detail.
Did you learn Auto Layout by reading (and playing with) the official Playground Figma File?
My first guess would be you didn’t completely understand how Auto Layout works yet.