Stop Figma from automatically creating links from copy-pasted text

Each time I copy-paste text within Figma, anything that looks like email or URL becomes hyperlink. I understand this is a feature, but it is super annoying when you create UI that involves mock emails and URLs. You copy paste fake email and even while it wasn’t a link before it becomes one. I have to do an extra step to remove the link afterward. Does anyone else has this problem?

I feel this behavior is like adding default interaction to any layer that has “button” in name. Why do that? Right now converting existing text with email or URL to hyperlink is really quick. It takes just two clicks. Super easy. So I wish there was an option to disable this feature on copy-paste entirely.


+1 so true. It makes me insane


ok, I have looked into this again. You have to delete the text you have to replace (double click - > delete) and then paste the URL text instead of selecting the text and pasting the URL text. Once you get used to it, it works quite well. :yum:


Thank u for this!

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