Stop automatically adding FigmaAgent to Login Items

Add me to the list of frustrated users, this setting is something I’d expect from some dodgy software, not the leading app in the industry

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Please remove this feature. Super annoying.

+1. Another developer here, completely annoyed by Figma constantly adding FigmaAgent to login items (even AFTER I manually remove it). Just load the fonts when the app starts up.

2024 and this shit show still hapening, im starting to think the Figma dev doing this on purpose to collect or send some data that is not mentioned anywhere, there is really no reason for Figma app to have a simple togle setting in the app to stop doing this.
Really pathethic from Figma management / devs this nonsense

Same here. I might understand the reasoning behind it but just give us checkbox to disable it in the settings. I dont even care that it runs in the background. I just dont want that “LoginItem Added” notification.

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Wow! I was getting frustrated too, but seing so many people frustrating and the team doing NOTHING about that is more that enough for me too to stop using this app, anything but Figma politics. I understand FigmaAgent is lightweight, but forcing it at every update is messing with the user. You should put a setting for that and show a warning explaining the usage and what will stop working after the user DECIDES to uninstall FigmaAgent. I understand the Figma utility, but I mostly understand the users as I am one too. I don’t care about web Figma, and Figma at all, but I care about MY COMPUTER and what’s running on it, and you should NOT MESS with that, period. I will apply that patch above because I won’t wait any longer for your team to move on with your users (I am blown away how much you don’t give a single heck about that this so many users request).

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This is absolutely annoying. You’re not being acquired by Adobe so you can relax and delete this Adobe like user-annoying behaviour. Please.

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Another MacOS update, another time removing FigmaAgent from Login Items. Every. Single. Time. Please stop this from happening.


So frustrating. I have deleted the app

Is this still working?

Really? That’s great news! Thank god regulation, so why are they still pushing for that sc*my forced update which actually kills Figma usage for not reason?

This is actual malware behaviour. I don’t care what the app needs to download. I want to be the one that controls when the app launches and when it updates.

Stop modifying my system without my permission, especially after I REMOVE IT from the list.

Yes, im getting this issue its extremely annoying

This very annoying for me too. Can an option be added for users to choose whether to enable?

Please stop this. I do not want your agent running as a login item.