Statistics feature updates

In the statistics reports that we can see today, we are missing:

  • the ability to set dedicated period with day start and day end selection
  • the top files or top projects (as the existing top teams).

Also the total available information of these statistics should be accessible from looker studio to allow the possibility to create dedicated graphs or tables based on everyone’s needs

Hello @digitalBen, Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Your input is highly valued here! It appears that this idea pertains to activity logs – is our understanding accurate?

If so, you can filter by a start and end date to view results within a specific date range. For further details please refer to here: View and export activity logs

We are eager to hear more of your thoughts! Is this concept about filtering and viewing events at the file or project level?

Additionally, please vote for your idea! We are excited to see the reactions of other community members.