Splitting a Design System into two files (one for Components and one for the Styles)

Hi all,

I have a master Design System file that contains hundreds of components, and all of these are styled with local text, color and effect styles.

I now need to separate the components and their styling into two files. One will include just styles and and will be published as a team library (the Styles Library).

The other file will be linked to the published Styles Library and will contain only the components. There will be no local styles in this file. All the component styling needs come from the Styles Library.

Can anyone explain the quickest/smartest way to do this? I’ve tried to use Swap Library but it’s not available the way I have it set up.

Any help would be awesome :grinning:

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hey Phil! I’m trying to do the same now and cant find a way to do it without having to re-assign components from multiple WIP files into the new file I’m creating. Did you manage to find a work around for this?

You can move styles by cutting and pasting to another file.