Some variants are missing properties

Hey hey,

is there any problem if I have different variants of e.g. sub navigation together?

Sub navigation
Before scrolling=Default
Before scrolling=Responsive
After scrolling=Defoult
After scrolling=Responsive

I have spent hours but I just don’t know what is wrong that some components have the message “Some variants are missing some properties.”.

I see it happens if e.g. I have variants like:

State 1=Defoult
State 1=Hover
State 1= Focus
State 2=Defoult
State 2=Hover
State 2=Focus

State in this example mean that I have different button for different screen sizes.

So, … I just don’t know what is wrong and how I could solve this problem.

Thank in advance


Click on the “Select invalid variants” link to examine their properties and find out exactly which properties are missing.

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