SOLVED: Differentiate vertical/horizontal item spacing values in REST API response for wrapping auto-layout frames

I noticed that auto-layout frames now support wrapping items to the next line, which is really great to see :slight_smile:

Since users can now specify both vertical and horizontal item spacing values in wrapping auto-layout frames, this should be returned in API responses as well. Currently item spacing is represented as a single field, itemSpacing, which only takes into account spacing along the primary layout axis.

I propose adding a new field, counterAxisItemSpacing, or something similar, to represent spacing along the counter axis.

For the following example:
Screen Shot 2023-07-10 at 3.52.37 PM

The JSON response could look like this:

itemSpacing: 10,
counterAxisItemSpacing: 35

As far as I know this would be a non-breaking change to the API.

Cheers and thanks again for adding wrapping to auto-layout frames!

The counterAxisSpacing property is responsible for this.,counterAxisSpacing,-Number%20default%3A


Ah, I see it now. Can’t believe I overlooked this! Thanks for the heads up.