Smart animate

How come the smart animate is not working it’s not letting me do nothing

Hi @kiff_simon , Thank you for reaching out and for sharing the screenshot. I totally get where you’re coming from!

It seems like you attempted to apply smart animate for the Change to action. Currently, smart animation is not supported for Changes to. When a property is not supported, a dissolve transition is used as the default.
You can find more details on this here: Smart animate layers between frames

If you would like smart animate support for the Change to action, here’s what I suggest:
I can switch the category of this post to Share an Idea and update the title to Support smart animate for Change to action.

This way, we can better plan for future updates. And, other community members who are in favor of your idea can vote on it, helping us gauge the interest and feasibility of adding this feature.

Let me know if you’re comfortable with making these changes.

Thank you for your support!