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Today, we’re discussing the fascinating realm of animations and prototyping. I recently encountered a scenario where I had to animate a loading page, precisely from 0% to 100%. As a workaround, the only viable option was to utilize AfterEffects and import the animation as a GIF. However, it would be super to have the option to smart animate for numerical values, seamlessly transitioning from a specific X value to Y.

Check out this GIF for reference: Daily UI 86: Progress Bar by Sergio Pérez Illanes on Dribbble

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“Smart Animate” is a feature available in certain animation software and design tools that automates the animation process by intelligently interpolating between two states or objects, automating its production for various forms of animation such as number animations. Here is how you can use Smart Animate to create one:

  1. Select Your Tool: Choose a design tool or animation software capable of supporting Smart Animate; popular options are Adobe XD, Figma or After Effects.

  2. Choose Your Starting and Ending States:

  3. Apply Smart Animate: For optimal results, create both the initial and final numbers as text elements to start. Next, duplicate this element and modify it accordingly for your final number to display. * 3. Finally, utilize Smart Animate on both numbers elements by selecting both initial and final number elements separately from Smart Animate’s library of Smart Animation features
    Your design tool may provide the capability of using Smart Animate or Transition features to apply animations or transitions; this may involve setting animation duration and ease settings. 4. Preview and Refine:
    Review the animation to ensure it behaves as desired, making adjustments as necessary to achieve the desired effect - for number animations, typically linear or ease-in/ease-out easing is ideal for creating smooth transitions.

Your design tool of choice should allow you to add triggers or interactions for controlling when number animation takes place, for instance on button click or page load.
6. Export or Integrate:
Once your number animation is finished, you can export or integrate it into your website or app prototype using the design tool’s export/sharing features.
7. Test and Iterate: Whilst testing out your number animation within its overall project context.
Gather feedback and make any necessary refinements or adjustments. Number animations created using Smart Animate can serve many different functions, from displaying changing statistics or countdowns to dynamic data in user interfaces. To get optimal results from Smart Animate number animations, design both initial and final states then let Smart Animate take care of transitioning them smoothly for an appealing and visually attractive number animation.

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