Show pixel preview in prototypes

Hi everyone, I’m a teacher using Figma in a design class. We’re currently working on retro-engineering design prompts. For example, “design Spotify on Game Boy Classic”.

The “pixel preview” option is perfect for that while in design mode, however, it doesn’t seem to be available on prototypes. This is 1980, we don’t want super smooth x4 retina anti-aliasing here!

Any idea how to enable “pixel preview” in prototype mode?

Thanks so much in advance!


I would love to know this too!

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Old post but I’d want to know this too!
I’d need this to pixel preview icons; if the vectors are properly made to display nicely on actual pixel displays in 1:1 size

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Hi everyone! Thanks for your feedback. This is not possible at the moment, but we’ll be happy to pass along your feedback to the team for consideration!

I’ve also switched your topic from “Ask the community” to “Share an idea” so you can vote up for the idea (next to the topic’s title :ballot_box: )